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Idea Meeting

Clarify your ideas.

Expertise for startups

We handled patent applications for more than 20 startups (in 2018).

IP for investment

IP strategy is important for startups.

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Countermeasure against New Coronavirus

(updated on April 21, 2020)

In order to contribute to the "80% reduction in contact" and to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Asahi Patent Firm is taking the following measures. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our clients.

  • A secure remote access system has been introduced.
  • All staff members work from home.
  • We ask our employees to report their physical condition every day.
  • Whenever possible, we will use a web conferencing system for meetings.

With the above system, we will ensure that there will be no hindrance to communication with our clients, procedures at the JPO, and communication with local representatives.



We support startup's IP strategy with IDEA MEETINGS.

Supporting startups

It is important for startups in the seed stage to take care of IP.  In order to support startups companies that really need IP protection, Asahi Patent Firm offers a simple and cost effective fee schedule.

Welcoming new clients

Asahi Patent Firm welcomes clients who are new to the field or who have only one application to file. Please consult with us about the idea that will become the cornerstone of your new business.

No written description required

It is not necessary to prepare a written description of the invention at the time of the meeting. We make full use of the whiteboard to shade our clients' inventions at the meeting.