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For Startups

ASAHI provides:


Intellectual property is directly linked to corporate value. Asahi helps you to enhance corporate value by using your intellectual property strategy to solve your management issues and reduce potential future risks.


Through the skills used in idea meetings that ASAHI has developed with numerous clients since its founding, ASAHI brings out your best ideas and develop them to enhance your future patent portfolio.


Using the network of accelerators, lawyers, judicial scriveners, accountants, etc. that Asahi has built up over many years, Asahi can confidently connect you to experts who can solve your problems.

Service examples

Support for Creating basic patents

ASAHI will listen to your business plan and apply it to your patent application. It is important to apply for a patent as soon as possible, so it is better to come to us for consultation before a product or service is fully developed. There is no need to prepare detailed explanatory materials. Please come to meet us in person at an early stage. We continue to improve and cultivate our methods, to transform your ideas into valuable intellectual property.

IP strategy

In particular, seed-stage startups often have insufficient financial resources, and it is difficult to file a patent application. Patents must be acquired strategically in line with funding plans and business plans. Please tell us about your business plan. We will work together to develop strategies to protect and expand your business.

CIPO / IP Department Outsourcing

Asahi will act as your company's CIPO (Chief Intellectual Property Officer) or Intellectual Property Department and work to improve corporate value from an intellectual property perspective. We will handle your annual planning relating to intellectual property, help to create a budget plan, hold meetings to extract inventions from your ideas, assist in managing subsidies, and perform miscellaneous tasks regarding deadline management.


Of course, we also have rights for patents, trademarks and design applications, which are the normal operations of patent offices. Starting with the acquisition of the “Mapion patent”, which is said to be the first business model patent in Japan, we will acquire a strong right with the know-how we have cultivated in numerous projects.


Fee Schedule

We offer a simple fee schedule for startups.

スタートアップ応援 特別プラン



“CAN EAT” is a service that allows you to share information about people who are unable to eat.  ASAHI has been very helpful in conducting patent searches and preparing applications based exactly on the founder’s intentions. As a venture company, there is a risk that if you do not have an intellectual property strategy from the time of your establishment, competitors will immediately adopt your ideas.



We develop wearable camera devices and software. With Asahi, when filing a patent application, we have been able not only to organize the ideas we came up with through careful discussion, but also to conduct effective brainstorming sessions to further develop ideas on the spot. In addition, Asahi’s in-depth knowledge of specialized technology and their advice based on many years of experience are excellent.

Kunihiro OHTA

aptpod (En)

Intellectual property is an important element for any technology company, but it has been difficult to provide dedicated IP specialists for engineers, and progress has been slow. However, Asahi has provided strong support and advice for IP management and prior art search, and expedited patent applications that would otherwise have been postponed by identifying potential IP issues. We have also been consulting Asahi on IP strategies with a view to the future, and Asahi has become a reliable partner in IP.

Hirotaka KAJITA